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    Excerpt from ....
                                SWEET KISS
     Tappe picked up the grimy jar of candy hearts. “No way! I can’t believe
Fay saved your candy hearts.” He twisted off the lid and shook one into his
   “Neither can I. Don’t you dare put that into your mouth. Those candies
are over a decade old!”
   "So? Sugar doesn’t spoil.”
   “Okay, go ahead. Eat it. Poison yourself. Why should I care?” she said
drily. “Just don’t call me in the middle of the night.”
   With a shake of her head, she turned back to the stove, took out a cold
plate from the freezer, and plopped a teaspoon of the liquid from the bubbling
pot on it, then ran a finger through the mixture to see if the jam stayed parted
and stable, refusing to run together. She removed the pot from the stove, set
it on the table, and started filling the pint and half-pint jars.
   “You don’t mean that.” He dropped the candy back into the jar, and came
up behind her. He started nuzzling her on the side of her neck.
   “Do you realize I’m working with hot liquids?” She tried to be stern as she
squirmed away still holding the hot pot. She could never quite pull off
reprimanding Tappe, especially when he was on a roll.
   And he was on a roll.
   “Not as hot as you are. Want to make out?”
    Kate looked at him askance. “Now? Here? Are you sane?”
   “Yes, I’m fairly lucid. But if your answer is a no to making out, then can I
lick the pot instead?”
   “If you promise to quit licking my neck.”
Judy Ann Davis
Author and Writer